Are you a charity, social enterprise or non-profit organisation? Do you need help letting the world know about the all the fantastic work you do? We can help!

We’re excited to launch the Sparkle Programme, a 6 month pro bono communications package for charities looking to take their first steps into the world of PR and communications.

We believe that getting your message across is much more than just sending out a press release once-a-month.  But when hundreds of thousands of brands are battling it out to be the loudest, scouting-out opportunities to be heard has never been tougher.  The third sector is no different. Whether it’s volunteer recruitment, fundraising or raising awareness you’re after, great communications are a must.

We’re looking to work with a charity, social enterprise or non-profit organisation that could do with sprucing up their communications.

The programme will last 6 months and, through media outreach, social and content initiatives Luminous will help you get your comms working seamlessly and equip you with the insight to continue, once the 6 months is up.

Our team have extensive experience across all parts of the media and we work closely with our clients to achieve real results from their communications. Our integrated approach to communications goes beyond traditional media as we take the power of social media and digital very seriously.

So if you’re ready to launch yourself into the limelight, let us help you make your cause sparkle!

To apply, send an email with some information about the organisation and we’ll send you an application form.

The Sparkle Programme is delivered in association with our partners Founders Forum For Good.

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